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Peter Anderson

Hi Linda!

Without knowing many details of how your quiz is configured, there is a known issue with scores not being reported in Articulate Online if both of the following are true: 

* A point value of 0 (zero) is assigned to correct responses in your quiz. 
* A point value of 1 or greater is assigned to incorrect responses in your quiz. 

To avoid this issue, you will need to assign a point value of 1 or greater to correct responses in your quiz questions. If that's not the case with your quiz, please feel free to submit a case to our support staff, providing as much detail as you can, and they'll be happy to assist you. Thanks!

heather ulcak

Hi there.  I don't know if this bug has been fixed, but I wanted to check here before submitting a case to the support team.

I have just recently created a quiz for our internal folks.  Of the 29 people that took the quiz this morning, there were 5 that took the test, but their scores and answers were not recorded.  They sent me screen shots of their final scores, so i know they took the correct quiz I'm reporting on, but i'm wondering if there's anything I can do on my end to (a) see their scores and (b) make sure this doesn't happen in the future.

We used the Articulate Online as the LMS.  The point values were all 10 for correct, 0 for incorrect.

Please let me know what other information I can provide in order to get this sorted out.  Thanks!

Marvie Yap-Mulder

Hi Heather,
You mentioned that your five users' scores and answers were not recorded. Does it show you any status at all (incomplete?), or is it completely not tracked? Reason I asked is because if the browser crashed while they are taking the quiz, the data will not be sent to Articulate Online.  It is also important that they exit the course by either clicking "Finish" or closing the browser to send the data to the server. Check if there's any attempt recorded at all by going to Reports -> Attempt Detail: How did user answer? and then run reports to all attempts you see for the affected users, see if it logged details.

A few things I usually observe to make sure that my activities are track in Articulate Online:

1. Internet connection is reliable.
2. Make sure that I only have one instance of the content opened.
3. After finishing a quiz (getting the results and all) I close the browser window.

Theresa  Kunz

I am frustrated - please help.

Out of 15 people taking a quiz, 4 of them I did not get reults for.  I get an incomplete.  The date, time and duration of teh exam are all there, but no score.

The people taking the quiz are talked through getting their results to ensure they are following all of your recommended step.  I checked all possible reports for a score.

Thank you

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Theresa,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with this. Have you had the chance to look at this article? If not, please follow the steps outlined in the article and see if that resolves the issue for the users that are showing up with the incomplete status. 

If quizzes still aren't tracking properly after taking the steps in the article, please let us know.

Thanks very much,


Theresa  Kunz

Thanks Christine.  Unfortunately, I have read through that article more than once.  We follow all the recommended steps.  What we are hearing from some of thosse that we are not getting results from is that when they click on finish nothing happens.  Typically, a message will pop up telling them to navigate away from the screen.  Maybe we should skip the finish buttom and just have them close out of the quiz?

Christine Hendrickson


I totally understand and I'm so sorry for the frustration. If you'd like, we can take a closer look at what's going on. Would you mind submitting a support case with our technical department? If you can, please link to this thread so they'll see what steps you've already taken to troubleshoot the issue (this will help save a little time, as well). Also, please share the case number with me so that I can follow the progress and update this thread with a resolution (you're welcome to share the number here, or send it to me in a private message).

Thanks again, Theresa.