Removing Specific Content From Learner Account?

Couldn't find anything regarding this on the Product Support pages, searching forum or via the Admin console ??

If a course was assigned in error to a learner's account, how does the Administrator remove it?

A) Learner has NOT viewed/completed any courses assigned them

  • Delete and re-add the learner ---  easy enough.

B) Learner HAS completed courses assigned to them

  • Deleting then re-adding them as a user is not an option (I think??)

Thanks for help!




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

Are you unable to delete a user? If you do, it'll remove all of your tracking data for them as detailed here - so it may not be what you'd like to do. 

You can also look at the particular course, and change the permissions and unselect the people who you don't want to have access to the course anymore. 

Ken Resner


Hi Ashely,

Hmmm ... under my Permissions settings I do not have the option to "unselect" individuals if they belong to a group? The only way I can remove an individual is to delete the entire group? This seems very not admin-friendly!

Question 1:

So how does an admin remove specific content for specific individual(s) when those individual belong to groups only?

Question 2:

The users shown below (along with 44 others) were ALL assigned to the "All Learners" group.

Content -> Manage Content -> Permissions - Course 001

The Users panel indicates NONE of them belong to any groups - as there are no checkmarks by their names?  (see pic below)

Furthermore .... why is "Users (1) Selected" shown, indicating only 1 user belong to the "All Learners" group ... this is absolutely incorrect. It should read "Users (49) Selected" shown?

What am I missing here? This seems very NOT logical?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the images - I missed that you had them set up in groups and I thought you had just assigned individual users. So the "All learners" group is everyone who is accessible to you - and you would need to have set a course specific group to be able to add/remove people from accessing the course based on that.

The other option if users were added by mistake (when selecting the all learners group) would be to select them as individuals and then unselect the "All learners" group as having access for that course. 

As for the "Users (1) selected" it's referring to individual users in that section, the Users list - not the users as per the group. Without seeing it, I'm guessing one is selected in that list as a duplicate or by mistake? 

If you're still having difficulty it may be easier to troubleshoot this outside the forums as than you can share your URL and information here with our Support engineers.