Report on Essay type questions in Articulate Online?

A module created in Articulate Storyline and then published on Articulate Online has essay questions embedded in it. They are setup as Essay questions using the template. However when we try pull a report of what students submitted, we can select that module (in other words that module doesn’t appear in the list of available modules to report on)?

Further to this, when the students were completing the essay question, they reverted back to previous slides. Upon returning to the essay question, the answer was highlighted and if they forgot to move the cursor the entire answer is deleted. I hope that makes sense…

Any help is appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

Sorry I missed this yesterday! 

I'm able to go to the Reports section for that course and choose the Answer Breakdown report. I see the question, and a link to "view all responses." This view shows me all answers, not tied to a specific user. 

If I'd like to see how a specific user answered, you can use the Attempt Detail report to see a particular user's responses.

If these features are missing for you within AO, please connect with our Support team so that we can look further into your account settings.

In regards to the second issue you described, I'm not sure I understand what the set up is. They clicked back after filling out the essay question, and then returning to the slide, the essay question can be deleted? Are you able to share the .story file with us or a link to the AO course? If you'd prefer to share it privately, you can use the same link above.  

Marjolein Berends

Hi David, Ashley and others,

I have the same 'problem'. I included some essay type question (from the storyline template) and I would like to see what people answered. This is essential for the course I'm creating.

However I cannot seem to find the way to do this. With the attempt detail I don't see what I want (see screenshot).

I then changed the type of e-learning from 'all slides viewed' to 'pass-fail' and then suddenly the e-learning showed up in de attempt detail correctly and in the answer breakdown as wel..

Might that be why you have problems as well David?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marjolein,

Thanks for sharing that here - and to receive answer data you'll want to track by a results slide (set with pass/fail or complete/incomplete, etc.) instead of using the track by number of slides viewed. 

I'm not sure if David is still subscribed to this thread, but I'm sure it'll help other users who come across this. Thanks!