Reporting inconsistencies

We are providing an e-learning initiative to a pharma company that will be deployed in stages over 3 weeks.

Each week, 2 modules are posted for the sales force to participate in.

The day after each deployment, I run a couple of reports and pretty them up to send to the national sales manager.

More than once, a sales rep has called me complaining that they are about to take a course and notice that their previous modules show 0% and/or never accessed even though they have successfully completed them.

When I check the reports that I generated the week prior, the rep shows completion (100%, 120/120 slides, 2 hrs 47 min activity) but when I look at the rep's activity report online now, it does in fact show that this rep never took the previous modules, etc.

This is a national sales force and these calls are becoming more frequent.

Any guess as to why the history of some of the users is dropping off?


Chris Rucci

Medical Leverage

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Chris! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

If your user's results appear in the "How did people score?" report and do not appear in the "Activity" reports in Articulate Online, this may be related to your Public security permissions.

In order for results to be recorded in the "Activity" reports, a user must log into Articulate Online with their email address and password.  To ensure that results get recorded in the "Activity" reports, you will need to set the security permissions on the content item to Private and grant the appropriate users access to the course.  Here's how:

You may also want to check out this knowledge base article on incomplete or no statuses:

If you're using a guestbook, where multiple users are logging on to take your courses from the same computer, this information may help resolve the tracking issues:

Please take a look at the articles above. If you're still experiencing this problem with the results, please let us know!


Have a great day,