Reports tip: preserve user history while changing content version

Here's a solution to preserving user history for a content item when updating the content version, if that's desired. If you want to start new history for the new version, you should ignore this.

To preserve user history, simply add the version number or other changed identifier AFTER publishing to the content list, by clicking in the content title line once it's in AO. An additional benefit is that all the present viewing permissions stay the same.

If you define the title at time of publication as "Lesson X Ver. 2" to replace "Lesson X Ver. 1", the former is considered a new content item, and user history starts anew for it. You must also re-define all the former viewing permissions. And then if you delete Ver. 1, group reporters must know to select "Deleted" for the content when pulling a report. However, if you just publish as "Lesson X" and add the version number after publishing, then Ver. 1 history is unaffected.

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