Reports - URGENT HELP needed!

Hi Everyone,

I created a course.

I have sent out invites to the delegates from the invite section.

I put in numerous delegate e-mails

I made the content private.

Some delegates have started to access the course. All good. 

However, some say they never received the e-mails.

I am now being questioned as to who received the e-mail invites.

I say they did  - they said they didn't.

Does anyone know if I can prove when I sent the invites, and who to?

I would be hugely grateful for any help on this

Many thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard,

I don't believe there is a report to show what invites were sent - but if they did not receive them, you could always provide the direct link and they'll be prompted to log in. For more on the ways in which you can invite users to access content please review this article. 

If as Jenny mentioned, the users are not receiving emails from Articulate Online, please do the following:

  1. Check your Spam/Junk folder to see if the email has been moved to this folder. If it has you should move the mail from your Spam/Junk folder and add the contact as a safe or allowed sender in your Spam/Junk settings and also add the sender as a contact in your address book.
  2. Email that is sent via Articulate Online is sent via four possible SMTP servers:

It may be necessary to contact your mail administrator to allow email from these SMTP servers.

Bob J

Another item to check:  I have had company email systems block invitations if AO sends too many in too short a time, as the receiving system thinks this is spam.  If this is happening, you need to ask the IT team at your customer's company to tweak their spam filter settings to let your emails in.  I.e, this will not be in an individual's spam folders, as the primary system level spam device filters it out.  Might be worth asking about.