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Hi all, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.

I have created an eLearning module in Spanish and I have changed all settings regarding Text Labels etc. However though I have created custom field names for guestbook sign on, the bottom states *Required Information in English. How do I change this into Spanish please?

Thanks for any help

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Colin,

It is not currently possible to create localized versions of the Articulate Online interface.  The Administrator View of Articulate Online and the User Portal interface are offered in U.S. English only.

However, it is possible to customize User Portal text in Settings > User Portal Settings, including:

  • Title: The title your users will see when logging into your User Portal
  • Message: Any custom message you'd like your users to see when logging into your User Portal

Additionally, any content you host in Articulate Online can be offered in non-English languages.

Perhaps you could look at a custom message to them in the User portal? You can also add a customized message to the Guestbook as shown here. Also if you don't set them as required fields in the guestbook that messaging disappears.