Resume or restart the quiz

When an added user receives the invitation to open a link and answer the content, if this content has not been opened by anyone, it can start from the beginning, but if someone else already answered it when opening the link, he asks if he wants to resume from where he left off or wants to go to the beginning, although he had never received the link or answered anything about that content. If he answers that he wants to restart then he answers it from the beginning, but if he makes a mistake and answers that he wants to resume then he opens the link that someone else answered and can see the answers that the other person answered. How can I make the link independent of the users and not receive what the first user who used it answered?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emma,

Are you users on the same computer? It sounds like they may be or logging into Articulate Online with the same account information, and therefore it's assuming they want to pick up where they left off. 

One option is to make sure that they all log in with their individual Articulate Online logins. Take a look at the steps here to set the course to private and set up logins.

Another more drastic option is to disable the resume entirely. Anyone who access the course will start from the beginning and will have to complete it in one sitting.