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I have a client for whom I'm going to conduct an online-survey. I plan to do this via Articulate Quizmaker and Articulate Online.

The client want's to have some security information. Where can I get security information regarding articulate online?

I need to know, what kind of transfer-mechanisms are used to transfer data (https?).

Where is the data stored? (physically)

What kind of data backup mechanism is used?

Are the servers/ the personal data secured against attac from outside? If yes: What are the respective technologies/ mechanisms?

Would be great to get any information.

Kind regards


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Jennifer Pech Cinnamon

Hello, I too have a client asking about the security specs of user data on Articulate Online (they just need to know if the data is held and secured in a way consistent with their internal policies).  The link you provided above seems to be broken.  Would you repost a link to the relevant information?  Thanks!

Vera Schattauer

Hi Peter,

I have a specific question about data security. How is it possible for Articulate or AWS/ Amazon to use the data in Rise? Are there any servers located in the EU that fulfill the GDPR requirements?

And what happens to the data, if I delete them in my Rise-Account?

Our client is very strict with data security, because the data is highly confidential...

Thanks a lot.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Vera, 

You can find a lot of details in our Terms of Service and Privacy information, and information on GDPR here.  If you have further questions I'd like to connect you with our Security and Compliance team directly to answer those. I'll start a case for you and you'll see an email confirmation shortly.