Sending a Completed Course to a Client for Hosting on Website

I've created an online course for a client and have followed the guide for publishing (Storyline 360: Publishing a Course for Web Distribution). I've joined Articulate Online on a trial basis as I don't publish regularly and uploaded my course and received a URL for the course. My client will be hosting this course on their work website. I'm just wondering if all they need is the URL to be able to host this course? They have an external website provider for managing their content. Will they then be able to track course completion for their clients using just this URL I have created? Also will this URL expire once my Articulate Online Trial version expires? Thanks in advance as I am not too familiar with publishing and hosting content. 

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Ronan,

For your client to host the course on their website, they will need the published course output files. Typically, the easiest way to do this is to create the zip folder of the output files, and send that to the client. The client's web provider will need to extract the files from the zip folder, and upload those files to their web server. Then, they will get the URL that points to the story.html file (a website company will know how to do this) - that URL will be the one that launches the course.

The URL you gave them will expire when your trial expires.

Also, web hosting is not usually the best way to go if they need to track completion - that's usually done through the LMS, which isn't involved in web hosting like this. For them to track completion in a web hosted course, you would need to build something like a certificate generator or an email trigger into the course itself, which is quite complicated.

Tobias Noeske

In order to generate the abovementioned files you need to use the publication method "Web" and select a folder on your harddrive to store the project. See attached screenshot.

Once publishing is completed Articulate will open a window with the option to zip the project. Send the zip file to your customer and everyone should be happy.


If your customer needs the files in order to upload them in their LMS choose the LMS option in Storyline. Clarify with the customer what format they prefer (Scorm, Tin Can etc.)