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It seems like Articulate Online would be a great place to launch and track a course from for users.  From an admin side, is there a suggestion of what to use to set up the initial "learner x wants to take courses a, b, c (hosted on Articulate Online), they need to pay $$$ first and then are given the link to the course".

Suggestions on where or how to manage the "the need to pay" option, and/or the "where do they shop for the courses"?

Thanks in advance.


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David Anderson

Hey Tracy,

Dave Mozealous posted on doing just that With AO accounts, you can request the API setup to enable merchant accounts to integrate with AO.

We had a  thread in the older forums around ways to sell courses online:

One of the most asked questions I hear at conferences is from consultants who are interested in selling their training or services online. For those just starting out, PayPal and a "manual enrollment" with AO is a good enough solution.

David Anderson

PayLoadz and eJunkie are popular digital asset merchants. They won't host your course like AO - they'll package it as a .zip file users can download.

The thing you'll want to look at is the cost of data storage and transfer. The transaction costs are minimal (in most cases) but say your course is 200mbs. It could cost you more to let users download than it would to send a CD. 

It's a popular topic so hopefully some other users will share how they're doing it.

Laura Pulido

Hi Tracy,

We use Articulate for all of our courses, and love it!  We provide online courses in etiquette and protocol for a fee.

Because our volume fluctuates monthly, we chose to use Interactyx's LMS TOPYX.  We pay them a monhly fee and they provide all of the support and ecommerce.  We have been extremely pleased with their product and service.

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions that I could answer. 


Julie Ingalls-Sherrill

Laura, can you offer any advise on the LMS Reporting Options available in Articulate and how they translate in Topyx as it relates to completion reports?  For example, Complete/Incomplete, Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, Completed/Failed.  I am not sure what to use when, and what this will do to how I see reporting in Topyx and can't seem to get any explanations from Topyx.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.  Julie