Some users freezing or not able to resume???

Has anyone had an issue with some of your users getting logged in but then the screen locking up. One of my users is unable to get to a survey, and has tried on three different computers. He has same access/privileges as all of my other users. I have had another one that it will not let him resume a survey if he exits, but all the others can. Just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions.

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Tammy Stevens

I am having problems similar to this - my people log into our Articulate Online site and try to access a course created in Presenter. The course was published directly from my hard drive to the Articulate Online site The worker clicks on the courselink, , and the screen comes up, but the course content never loads. The spinning circle just sits in the middle of the screen and spins away. What needs to happen for my content to load so my employees can take the course?