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I have some questions regarding the use of storyline 3 and articulate online. I currently produce products in storyline 3 and publish the web for customer to host on web site. I like the idea of the tracking and reporting offered with articulate online. If I currently create a product in storyline 3, publish to web and provide to customer to host on website. How do I incorporate the articulate online into this process? Do I publish to storyline, and then publish to articulate online and who is actually hosting the content me or my client? Also, this comes back to my users accessing the content who is hosting the content am I linking it locally to a server, articulate online portal space? I have searched all over and this seems unclear of how articulate online works. Need more info to sell the idea to my client.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kelly.  Great questions!  Let me give you a hand with these details so you and your client can decide if Articulate Online is the right hosting solution for you.

Articulate Online is our hosting platform that allows you to deliver and track your e-learning content.  When you create a course with Storyline and you're ready to send it to learners, you can publish directly to Articulate Online.  Once your content is hosted in Articulate Online, you or your client can decide how to distribute it to learners.  This user guide for Articulate Online will help with managing your learners and content.

Have a conversation with your client about who will actually subscribe to Articulate Online.  For example, your client could subscribe and be the administrator of their Articulate Online account, and you can still be the publisher.  You'll author and upload the content to Articulate Online where your client can then distribute it to learners.

The actual content will be hosted securely in the Articulate Online site, and you or your client can manage the content and the learners, and run activity reports. 

Let me know if you have any additional questions!  Also, feel free to reach out to our product specialists for detailed information about the different plans Articulate Online offers.