Storyline Quiz published to Articulate Online


I'm currently developing a quiz (made in SL360) to publish to Articulate Online. I'm just trialling AO at the moment so I'm after some assistance with it's features.

Some background info: 

The quiz is part of our summative assessment for doctors.

They only get one chance to complete the exam.

No feedback or score is shown to the user whilst within the course - this is done at a face to face session. Writing complex medical MCQs are challenging so we protect them with our life. Users only get one go at the exam which is a timed exam. Once submitted I don't want them to be able to review the questions at all.


So my questions are:

How can I set my course in AO so that a user can only complete it once?

If I invite participants to complete the course by sending them a link, is it right to assume that this link is not specific to the user, but to the course, and hence they could click the link a number of times and do the exam a number of times (even if only the first score is counted)? How do I get around this in AO?

In SL360, Is there a way of automatically closing the course window once they hit the submit button (all questions submitted at once) or when the timer runs out?

If not, how can I 'hide' the questions from the user once the timer expires or they hit submit?


What I am trying to achieve:

*User only has access to view the questions within the specified time period of the time exam. Once time has expired and/or they hit submit they cannot see the questions anymore

*User can only ever complete/access the exam once

Thanks in advance to the community!


Cheers, Kimberley

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kimberley,

Happy to shed some light on how to set this up! 

First, I'm assuming you're using Storyline 360, so links below will reflect that but if you're using an earlier version the same settings are availability.

To start with, you can enable a timer from your Results slide. This tutorial will help you set that up, and when the timer is up the learner won't be able to answer any other questions. Also, on your results slide I wouldn't include an option to Retry but you can look at the Review if that's important for you.

Next, I'd also look at adjusting the Resume Behavior to always resume. That way if a learner leaves the course, and tries to reopen it, they'll be brought back to where they left off. You can similarly restrict navigation using the player menu or even prevent learners from using the Previous button to go back a slide. 

Finally, within Articulate Online, you'll have two options to share a course with learners:

  1. Invite anyone to view content using a general link. This option is not specific to the individual, so it sounds like option 2 will be a better fit for you
  2. Enable the User Portal, and invite learners to set up an account within Articulate Online. You can track their access to it and how they scored. 

Let me know if you have any other questions, or areas we can clarify!