Storyline2 content not displaying in IE since Articulate Online update

Hi Guys

Anyone else finding since the weekends AO update their Storyline2 content is not being displayed correctly in IE (9 or 10) until they force compatibility mode?

Our content was working correctly last week and now we and our clients are unable to view it in IE with my inbox filling up rapidly with complaints.

It's definitely not an IE issue as Storyline2 displays correctly from other hosted sources such as GoogleDrive etc.

Have a call into Support so will keep you posted as it progresses, but interested to find out if anyone else has this issue.


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Julia Silva

I'm having issues with quiz results not displaying in the Activity Report since the update.  Previously published content is fine, but I've updated most of our modules and have re-published them along with their quizzes and now the quiz results no longer display in the Activity Report (which is what I rely on).