Submit All At Once Grading Is Slow

I have a Quizmaker quiz with 121 questions, each a 4 choice multiple choice question. The quiz is set up as 1 group, randomize all the questions and shuffle the choices on each question. I am allowing user to finish without answering all questions & submit all at once grading AND running from Articulate-Online.

Oftentimes the overall grading performance is so slow the student gives up and kills the window. This seems to be related to the client-side configuration (i.e. muscle machines seem to work just fine all the time). I have never seen the grading take less than 3 – 5 minutes on the machines I am using to test the quiz.

In this day and age of instant everything, multiple minutes can be excruciatingly frustrating and borderline commercially unacceptable.

Any guidance available on how to better organize either the questions or … in order to better entertain the human waiting for the test results ??

Since Quizmaker involved, I am posting in that forum as well.

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