[Suggestion] Tempshare file check

One of my common mistakes is to upload the .story file to Tempshare instead of the SCORM package. It seems that Tempshare tries to upload and publish the file irrespective.

This costs me time and would, I imagine, add slightly to your AWS fees.

Because of this, I wondered whether it would be possible to add a check so that non-ZIP files are not accepted for upload?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris, 

Tempshare is a free set up one of our developers created during a weekend project, so I don't believe it was set up to give you an error message. The directions do state about a zip file, but I'll also share this thread with our team.


Also, always feel free to send in Feature requests using our form here. 

Chris Reynolds

Hi Brian,

I've just given it a go and can see a handy change!

When I drag & drop a .story file onto the relevant space, the box changes to a darker grey but doesn't process the file. There's no warning message per se but this is definitely enough of a trigger to make me realise that I've done something wrong.

Thanks for the swift action.