Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Note and MS Surface

I purchased both of these tablets along with the iPad for my sons.  I know the iPad has an app for Articulate courses, but have been unable to take a course on either the Samsung Galaxy Note or the MS Surface.  Not sure why it won't play on the Samsung, but have found out the Surface has a whitelist and Articulate Online is not on it.  Here are my questions:

1)  Is there a way to take AO courses on the Samsung Galaxy Note (purchased DEC 2012)?

2)  Is there a way to take AO courses on the MS Surface (purchased DEC 2012)?

I need a tablet for presentations of how the courses work and to suggest a tablet (not iPad) to customers.  It would also be nice to build courses on the tablet since I travel often.  Any comments would be much appreciated!!

Happy New Year's to all...

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Ania Hartman

Hello! I heard so but I haven't upgraded yet because it's quite expensive and I don't know if the new features are worth it.

I use Google Chrome, Windows 7. I upload my project to an LMS (Moodle based) which is protected with password so I can't launch it in the app/player for iPad or Android. Very unfortunate. It would be great if there was a way to launch projects in the app/player even though the LMS is password protected. 

I've tried using the HTML5 file as head file, and it looks and works better on the android tablet but not on the PC.