Tagging individual questions in Articulate Online.


I need to 'tag' or 'categorize' individual questions so I can run reports based on those categories.

I thought I could tag questions, but now that I'm in Articulate Online I only see the option to tag courses.

Here is what I'm trying to do:

We will have 4 competencies defined. We want a way to tag each question in each of our courses with one of these competencies.  Then, we want to run aggregate reports to see how an individual, class, or partner is performing in each of these areas.

Surly there is a way to do this.

Please provide some ideas 


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ben,

I apologize for the delay. Ed had also shared your question with our team. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a built-in method for what you'd like to accomplish. 

We reached out to our Articulate Online expert and he stated that he's also not aware of a way to do this at the question-level. One idea would be to create multiple quizzes with one question per quiz / content item.

This may not be desirable, as it could be difficult to manage if you have a lot of questions and/or not that many content items in account.

We welcome feature requests from our customers, however, and I'd encourage you to share your thoughts with our product development team if you'd like to see this available in the future. 



Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

I've been evaluating Articulate Online, and seeing if it will work for us.  I was intrigued by your feature request.  I know it was from July, but I started playing around with a few ideas.  I found an inelegant 'solution'.  It may or may not work for you based on your reporting needs.

At the end of every question title, hit a few spaces and typed a unique character like + that might not show up in my questions. And then I typed the Competency name I wanted to track.  I highlighted the competency name and special character, made them white (or match background to hide it), and made that text as tiny as I could.

When you run the activity report, that competency name shows up as part of your question title.  Export to Excel (CSV).  Select column A and choose Data>Test to Columns.  Select Delimited and Custom special character (here a +).  Set it to go to an unused column like $F$1.  It will break out the question title into F and the competency into the G column.  It will actually put "+CompetencyName  (Essay Question)" or whatever the question type is, but you could deal with removing that if you wanted.

When you save the Excel report, you might want to save it as .xlsx iinstead of .csv.  I'm attaching the Storyline file and report I used for the test into a zip file.

I said at the beginning it was inelegant.    However, I thought I'd share in case this workaround happens to work for you or someone else.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joseph!

This is not a built-in functionality in Storyline 2. Hopefully some members of the community would be able to pop in and assist you with your design. I've seen a similar question here if you'd like to check it out.

I did want to be sure you were aware of question banks:

Question banks are containers for question slides. You put questions in, then draw them out when you need them. Reuse questions as often as you'd like throughout your course. See the tutorials listed here to learn how.