Test crashes while users are taking it

Has anyone else had trouble with longer tests crashing before users have completed them? We're offering a timed certification test configured with all answerers submitted at the end (this choice in order to speed up the movement from question to question). Were you able to discover any explanation for the crash?

Our user had only the main articulate user home page open and the actual exam. She had answered 50 questions with no problems, but when she clicked the "Next" button the window turned blue and blank.

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Brian Batt

Hi Karin and welcome to Heroes,

If your users are experiencing crashing while taking a quiz, then they're likely running into a memory issue in their browsers.  There's a few things you can do to reduce the overhead of the quiz:

1.  Go into each question that contains an image and remove the "zoom" option.  The "zoomed" image is a separate SWF file that must be loaded into memory.  If magnifying the image isn't necessary to answer the question, then remove the option.

2.  Reduce the amount of objects in each question.  Do you have multiple images in a question slide or multiple objects?  Just like in PowerPoint, you can reduce the file size by selecting all of the objects, right clicking, and saving the selected objects as a single image.  Then, reimport them into your quiz.

I hope this information helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.