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I just upgraded to the Studio '09 Suite and this is the first time I am publishing to Articulate Online using the new product.  It is taking a really long time (much longer than before with Presenter 5).  Is this normal?  Is something wrong with my system or AO?  To give you an idea I finally gave up after 15 minutes when it still was only half way done.  It used to take just a few minutes previously.

I do have Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker all in the presentation.  Does that matter?

Thank you,


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Brian Batt

Hi Sheri,

If you have used Presenter 5 or earlier you may notice that the publishing process takes longer in Presenter '09. There are several reason for this noted in the below article: 


Also, when you publish a presentation with Articulate Presenter '09, each element of a slide is included in a .SWF file. If you build a presentation that contains a common element or background image on each slide without using master slides, that same element would need to be downloaded multiple times throughout the presentation. However, if that element is included in a master slide, it will only need to be downloaded once. 

For information on how to create a master slide and apply it to your presentation, please see the KB article in the link below: