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I have a PowerPoint presentation comprised of 56 slides (including 3 quizzes on 3 slides). I have published the presentation (using Articulate 360) to Articulate Online. The "Publish" settings and "Reporting and Tracking" options for this presentation appear in the files attached. 

The presentation is fine when viewed in Articulate Online. However, despite selecting the "Completed/Incomplete" option (in "Reporting and Tracking"), the Status is recorded as "Failed" in the activity report Articulate Online. 

Also, if I view all of the slides in the presentation, close the presentation, open the presentation and view some slides again - the number of slides viewed exceeds 100% - for example: 60/56 = 107%.

I thought these problems might be caused by the LMS standard (i.e. SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, Tin Can API etc.)

However,  I cannot select a LMS standard in the "Publish" settings for Articulate Online i.e. unlike "LMS", there are no "Output Options"  for Articulate Online.

Any advice as to how I can overcome these problems would be appreciated.





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Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing in Articulate Online. It sounds like your course isn't reporting the correct status as expected. Have you tried a different reporting option to see if that helps? This article covers more on what the statuses mean:

If you're comfortable sharing the file, our support team would be happy to help test and get back to you on why you see those results!

Share your file with us.

Jon Greenheld

Hi Ren,

Thanks for your response and offer to help.

I will send the file within the next 24 hours.

In the meantime, can you please advise me of the default LMS standard that applies when publishing to Articulate Online i.e. given that the publisher cannot select an LMS standard when publishing to Articulate Online, which LMS standard automatically applies?



Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing your file! I've sent it over to our support team to take a look and do some testing.

Regarding LMS standards: unlike an LMS, Articulate Online doesn't require an LMS standard and publishes the output to best fit within the software, so that wouldn't be a cause of the issue. 

Once our team is done testing, they'll have a better idea of the reason why. Keep an eye out for a reply; you're in good hands!