Tracking Time & Completion in AO

Hi Heroes...My team has a dilemma here...

It seems as though AO tracking of completion is based on view of slides and marked as complete as soon as a slide is accessed.  However, we have vids on some slides and would like to actually see how long a learner has actually watched the slide/course.  For a simple example, I have 1 slide with a video about 4 minutes long.  If I view this content, it shows as completed in my reports 1/1 100%, for a duration of 1 second.  I watched it for about 1 minute and some change.  How do we fix this?  We are using Storyline & publishing to AO.

Unfortunately the answer we received upon submitting a support ticket (00366723) was to restrict navigation, disable buttons, create custom navigation, etc.   I was a bit taken back by this response as self-paced, unrestricted navigation seems to be a tip of the hat from the Hero Community.  Maybe I am missing a feature or design I can put in place?  Shouldn't time be reported if it is a column in the reports?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristin! I followed up on the case that you referenced above and this issue was reported to our QA Team to investigate. The response was given as a workaround while the QA Team works on this issue.

I hope that someone in the community may be able to offer a better resolution for you in the meantime.