Trouble with Reporting: Why are learners able to skip "required" survey questions?


I've published a few courses to Articulate Online and each includes non-graded survey questions at the end to collect learner feedback. I have set the questions as User Must Answer in Storyline, but still learners are able to skip without filling them in. One is a Likert Scale Question, the others are short response. For both types of questions, I'm pulling reports in AO with no answers for many of the learners.

How can I ensure the learner must put something in in order to move ahead and finish the course?

Thank you!

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Rachel Drysdale

Thanks, Emily! That is very helpful. I wish I had known that sooner. Does the workaround mentioned force all the results to come through, or does it just force the one graded question result to come through?

Any other workarounds you've discovered to help with this? I hate to link to an outside quiz creator, but I'm wondering if that's the best option?

Thanks again!