Two Quizzes - Same Story

I developed some training for math fundamentals have a have a quiz at the beginning, as a 'test out' feature and then a final quiz at the completion of training.

The 'test out' pass score is 80% while the final is 70%.

I see my results and can review the quiz not problem. When I run the report in Articulate Online, it recognizes that someone has taken the quiz but NO score is posted and the status is 'neutral'.


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Manfred Smith

Good Morning Leslie

I'm using Storyline 2. I figured out part of the problem which is in the Status and Tracking feature used for publishing. It likes to report results from one slide only if testing is used (and not slides completed). 

So I took another approach. Since Storyline only like one reporting slide, I worked with that. My client agreed to change the test out score to the same as the final - 70%. So, I embedded a button that sends you directly to the test. If they pass, they can exit. If not, there's continue button that's revealed which sends you into the training. From there, you obviously complete the training an then take the final test. The problem I run into here is that when the test items come up, the previous set of questions are displayed and you can touch the answers. Note that each test item has been set to "Reset when visiting".

Is the there a way to do two tests with each reporting different results or is this too much to ask of the software at this point. 

Have attached a very skinned version of the story for you to review.