Unable to connect to the server

We have a course created in Storyline, published to Articulate Online, and played back through the Mobile Player on the iPad. The course makes extensive use of videos. We have tested the course on multiple iPads in several countries and everything works as expected. However we have one client in New Zealand who  is unable to run the course.

 In their case, the course will launch and the first slides of audio, graphics and text all work, but when they attempt to advance to the first slide containing video they get an "Unable to connect to the server" message. Tapping the Retry button brings the message back , and tapping the Cancel button closes the program. They report that they are connected to the internet and have had this occur on several different devices.

Any suggestions?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, this sounds very user-specific so it may be pretty difficult to pinpoint. It may be the type of internet connection they're using, it might be the speed of the internet connection or something to do with the security of the connection. 

I know zero about internet connections in New Zealand, but I do know that some countries block some content. I'm not sure if that could even be a possibility, but it's always good to check every option and try to narrow it down.

What type of connection are they using? Have they tried using a different connection? Since they've tried this on different devices, it may very well be the actual connection they're using. Perhaps they could go to a different office, home, or a public location that provides access to the web and see if they run into the same issue. 

Other than that, I'm really not sure to suggest. Hopefully some of our community members can chime in here :)


Carolyn Ritchie

Hi Stephen,

I had a relatively similar problem but with a client in Aus so not sure if its country specific..

One client had worked through all modules and got to the quiz and passed each one. However at the end at the point of submission he received an error message from the website  "Unable connect to server. Please verify you can connect to the internet. Retry?" If he clicked retry it would come up again and again, if he clicked cancel it would freeze and he'd have to force exit. The client was on an office desktop computer, with a strong internet connection that he insists did not drop out. He completed 4 modules each in one sitting, but over several days and each time it happened.  

My problem here is that his completion didn't show up in my report as he couldn't go any further from this error message. I've had quite a few cases recently where trainees insist they have completed the module but doesn't show up in my reports. This is the first time one has given me screenshot feedback of this error so I really don't know..

Wondering if others have had the same problem and if they were able to work out why it was happening??

Stephen Bollinger

The customer only sees the error when attempting to run the course using the mobile player on an iPad. When they accessed the course from a browser on a PC, it ran fine.

They also tried accessing the course on the iPad using a differnet internet connection and received the same result.

A real head-scratcher.

Stephen Bollinger

We were able to fix the problem by re-publishing using Storyline Update 3. Evidently there was a know bug.

From Articulate support:

You may encounter an error message stating, "Unable to connect to the server" if all the following criteria are true:

   *  Your content is hosted in Articulate Online.
   *  You included HTML5 output when you published your Storyline content.
   *  You're viewing the course in mobile Safari on an iPad.

This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Storyline. Please review the following article for more information: