Unable to update content in Articulate Online via Manual Upload

Hi, I have Articulate Online Basic (10 course max). I need to update one of my 10 Storyline 360 courses without changing the link, and must use Manual Upload (could never get anything else to work). When I click on Manual Upload, I get the screenshot attached. Then if I choose the existing content name, and go to Choose File, nothing happens. Is there a way around this? I need to update the course. Thanks!


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Ren Gomez

Hi Angelica,

Sorry to hear you're running into some publishing issues! Did you follow the steps outlined in this article when publishing to Articulate Online? The key item here is to make sure the Publish Title is exactly the same so that you get prompted to overwrite.

If you ensured the title is the same, connect with one of our support engineers, and they can work directly with you to troubleshoot why the course isn't publishing correctly!