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Tricia Ryan

I read the documentation about installing, updating, and uninstalling Articulate 360. 

Will you please reply to confirm that I do, in fact, need to uninstall Articulate 360 from my current computer before I can install it and use the apps on a new computer?  

Thanks again!
Tricia Ryan

Kirk Wilson

I thought I would hop on this thread with a similar but not exactly the same issue.

As I was unable to update any of the Articulate 360 apps (they just hung), I searched the web to find a possible solution and came across a few suggestions to uninstall and then reinstall Articulate 360 again. 

I started off uninstalling and unfortunately, the only Desktop App that uninstalled was the Articulate 360 Installer. 

I am now unable to launch Storyline 360 for some reason and need to go to a web browser directly to open Rise 360 and obviously not the Installer which is no longer available. 

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!