Urgent: problems with courses not loading, it just spins and spins


I have just uploaded 4 courses to our Articulate online and users are sending us messages like this.

"I have been trying to get into it for a half hour

and it just spins"

What is wrong, something with the server or something with the course. Note that this happens only for some and not for all users.

Also, this happens when they have added email adress and name as a guest to login and access the learning. I ran a report and this person who can't get in is not in my report although he has entered the email and name.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Catrin,

I'm not aware of any issues with the Articulate Online server, and my content seems to be working properly. 

Do you have any idea which browsers the affected users are trying to view the content with? Are you able to determine if their Flash players are up to date?

Can you send us a link to the content, by any chance?