Using AO to provide for-profit courses to third parties?

Hi everyone - I just joined the community today. I sell very specific training via seminars and now I'm moving it to online courses. AO looks like a good option, but my sales rep wasn't familiar with anyone using it in this manner.

Any of you do this? As a hypothetical, I would offer a course for accounts to learn business Chinese. Accounts around the country or world from various companies would purchase it, then I'd send them login info for the course.

One or two case studies would be much appreciated!



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Sammy Hwang

This might be a silly question. But, I am going to ask anyway. We are assuming that the number of students who might need to take an online course can be from 800 (minimum) up to 8,000 (maximum). Is it something that AO can handle if we set-up the course? Ours are non-profit but a training organization.