Video Delivery in AO

I have just published a StoryLine course consisting of 7 slides - one menu slide with six thumbnail buttons to each their corresponding video, residing on each their lightbox slide.

These videos are somewhat large - together the entire course is about 430Mb. 

The problem I am experiencing is a very very long buffering period for each video - it literally takes several minutes for the first frame to reach me, regardless of the fact that I am on a very fast corporate connection (although I have tested this with other broadband connections as well.)

 I understand that AO does not stream or pseudo stream, but as progressive downloads go, it is way too slow - our learners will click out of the course long before the several minutes are up - especially since there is no indication that a video is loading (using StoryLine playbar etc.)

How has Articulate envisioned delivery of video material in SL and AO?  Are there options for setting buffer times? streaming settings?  What am I missing

Thank you in advance for your help with this...

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Nis.

I can see how 6 videos averaging over 70 MB each might run slowly, given that our tools don't support streaming at this time.

You could try inserting a simulated "loading" slide or a real preloader to provide better learner feedback, or as Phil suggests, you could upload your videos to a service that does support streaming and insert them into Storyline as a Web Object or Video from Website.

Good luck with your project!