Video playback issue

I've created a project that I want to use as a training video, that is, I want the user to view the entire eight-minute "course" without any required interaction.  The problem I'm having is that there is an obvious change in the audio when the project moves from one slide to the next. The audio is clear, but when it's finished, there is an obvious--and very distracting--change in sound, as if the player was "turning off" and then back on again for the next slide.  I would like for it to play as though it's one constant video.  I've made sure that my audio is not ending before the slide ends, but that doesn't help.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what I'm trying to accomplish?

Thank you,


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Leslie Steele

That was the answer I needed…but not the one I wanted. J I am new to Storyline and the users on that thread sounded like really advanced users. I would love for my skills to be at that level, but I’m not there yet. It’s been pretty slow-going to get proficient with the tool.

Thank you!