We use the Articulate online - My students are unable to receive certificate, screen freezes

I have a long list of participants who were unable to finish and receive the certificate.  The screen will display 100% pass but freezes after and shows as an incomplete.  I am getting pretty annoyed, it should be a relatively easy process, a small percentage of participants are actually able to finish the rest cannot.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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Crystal Horn

Hello Justin. I'm really sorry that's happening for some of your users. I'd like to get a little more information from you so I can help:

  • Which authoring tool did you use to create the course (Storyline, Presenter, etc)? Also, please go to Help > About (in the authoring tool) to let me know which version of that tool you're using.
  • What are your reporting options for that course? You might have chosen Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, etc.
  • Can you identify a common browser that the affected learners are using to view the course?

We'll work on some next ideas with that information!

Justin Barcelo

Is there anyway if you had time I added you as a student to see if you could check whats wrong during the orientation?  I am stressing out, I have a lot of new hires next week and I need them all to complete the orientation and it hasn't been working properly.  The last person who tried now said it was freezing up and they progressed only 6% I think.  He mentioned he has excellent internet so I am not sure. 


1) Storyline 

2) Where do I change the reporting options?

3) I tried asking a few, I have tried on both Explorer and Chrome and it has been the same result.