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Simcha Wolfe

Hello @Ashley Terwilliger, Thank you for your response. 

I have a question re: Publishing to the web. Is there a way to do so without the output file going into Articulate Review? I have published to the web- but my output is still in Review.

I am publishing from a PPT file with the Articulate plug-in.  When I input the file into Storyline quite a few of the files are getting jacked up with their formatting.


Do you have any advice>




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simcha,

Publishing to Review and Web are two different things and you'll see them noted on the publishing options separately: 

It sounds like you're using Presenter and then importing that into Storyline? You'll want to keep the details here in mind, but if you're seeing some odd settings could we take a look at your .story file?