What do you do? (Private vs. Public/Ees vs customers)

Hey there,

It has been recently requested to allow our customers access to some of our Articulate modules.  I am having difficulty finding the right balance on how to do this. 

For instance, if I set the courses to Public then it appears that those courses no longer appear in the Content list of my users (employees).  I know they could view the class, but they would need the link as well instead of just looking at the Content list.

If I set the courses to Private then I have to set up all the interested customers as users, and then they have access to ALL of our Articulate courses not just the ones we designate for customer viewing.

If I make two modules for each of the desired topics (one for customers and one for employees), well I am not sure how that would work.  Can I publish two modules from the same PowerPoint?  I don't think so.  I would have to copy and then re-record the slides and save it under a different name, right?  If I do that it will take up our Content max amount quicker.

Does anyone do what I am wanting to do?  Does anyone have some content items that they want both employees and customer to view?  How do you do it?



P.S.  I still love Articulate! 

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Brian Batt

Hi Sheri,

You can manage this by setting the content to Private, adding all of your users to AO, setting up a "employee" and "customer" user group, and then allowing the content to be viewed by both user groups.

If you prefer to have a "private" content item for just your employees, and a "public" content item just for customers, you can publish the same presentation to your Articulate Online account without creating another version of the presentation.  You can do this by clicking on the Publish button in Articulate, choosing the Articulate Online tab on the left, and then changing the title of the content.  This will register the content item as new item.  Just keep the content item name in mind anytime you need to make updates to the file.

Sheri  Matt

Brian --  Thanks!

A couple more questions....I hadn't thought about using the Groups to do it.  I have gotten lazy and stopped putting people in Groups so I would no longer be able to just select "All Users" if there was Content that I did not want the customers to see.  But yes, I think that would work....I could go back and put employees in a group and select that like I would usually select all, and just not select the customer's group.  Hmmm....

If I change the title of the content don't I need to change the name of the PowerPoint too?  Would all the narrations still be there for both published presentations?  I am still a little confused how this all works with the files and the .pptx and .ppta files.  I upgraded to Studio '09 and Microsoft 2010 at the same time so I am doubly confused!  I hate how 2010 shows my files...it confuses me.  I don't see the .pptx file but it is what opens when I click on the .ppta file.  (That is another issue...sorry for going off on a tangent!)

Thank you for your suggestions!