Why won't my links work?

I've created several Articulate presentations only to discover that the links don't work. Some are intranet links, which should work for everyone in the company, but the majority are links to other slides that I created using the Insert Hyperlink--Place in This Document command, then selecting the Slide Title from the list.

Where am I going wrong? I've read through the existing posts that I found when I searched for the work "links", and nothing addresses my specific problems. I appreciate any and all help you can give me! A snippet of the PowerPoint file is attached.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Tracy: Sorry about the problems you are having. If you haven't already, you might try publishing the presentation, placing it where it's going to live (web, LMS, etc.) and test from there. Often our own computer settings screw stuff up.

I noticed a set of links in a piece of clip art. If the above suggestion doesn't work, I'd move the links out of the piece of clip art (just move one outside and test that). Let us know how it goes. --Daniel

Tracy McCulloch


Thank you for the information. I had already published this to a stage environment on our intranet and it wouldn't work from there. I removed the link from all of the the Back button images and added it to the text instead, and it didn't work; this was in the subset of the document that I had attached originally, so it wasn't much work.

My updated file is attached here. I'm at the point where I'm ready to pull my hair out because, while the side navigation is useful, I believe that most of the users will be more likely to try the links on the page instead. Do you have any other ideas?

PS - I published the updated files to the web, too, with the same result.

Tracy McCulloch

I opened Articulate Case # 00344302 for this because some of my projects need to be published online shortly so I need to find a resolution for this. If anyone else wants to weigh in on this before I post the fix, please do so - I welcome any and all advice, and will let you know what works and what doesn't!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tracy,

Thanks for sharing that case number! :)

I took a look this morning and I see that Karla sent out a message to you yesterday with some suggestions. I just wanted to check in with you to make sure you received her response. 

If you haven't seen the email yet, it might help to check your spam folder and/or filters. If you still cannot find the message, just let me know. I'd be happy to speak to Karla and see if she can send the message out to you again. 

If you have received the message and you're still having trouble with this, please respond to Karla so we can continue working with you to resolve this issue.


Tracy McCulloch

Success! It took some finagling, but I was able to fix this with Karla's information (links in tables aren't supported) and some further troubleshooting on my part. Here's what I did:

  1. Replaced tables with text boxes for links, and kept the original look & spacing by adding a space, a series of X's, then another space between each set of links (Example: Link1 xxxxxxxx Link2). I then made the X's match my background so they're invisible.
  2. I tried to preview a few pages and received an AP6.exe error, then followed instructions I found elsewhere on this site to copy my file locally; we use SharePoint and keep all of our files on the network, so that's where all my work is normally done. After I copied the file locally I was able to preview, but the links didn't appear to work.
  3. I created a new file using just the subset of pages that I'd set up with the new text box links and published it. It worked perfectly when placed in the staging area of the intranet, so I completed revamping the entire (huge) file and, after publishing it and putting it into stage, it works!
I'm now going to reply to Karla with this same information so that my case can be closed. Thank you, Daniel and Christine, for helping and following up with me!