1 eLearning for three different groups


I've been asked to make one eLearning covering roughly 100 minutes with loads of interaction. That as such I find quite daunting but it is also supposed to be for 3 different groups. So at the start the participant would click on the respective group and then see say slide 20 - 25, 40 - 50, etc.

I think I've seen it somewhere here that anything over 10 slides can cause problems. But can't find it again and so am not sure.

Can anyone share their experience? Then I'd know whether to say that three separate courses would really be much better even if with every change I'd need to change it perhaps in all three courses.

Thank you for your help,


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Sarah Tinson

Hi Kim,

I've not had to use hyperlinks to different slides as Phil describes so the course is audience-defined as such,

But, I can share that my biggest course so far is about 72 slides long, and contains maybe 8 interactions of different kinds, as well as about 8 (non-graded) quizzes as knowledge checks throughout, and a graded quiz at the end. No problems there at all.

We do have a couple of examples where it may have worked to incorporate 3 courses into one, but we've chosen to do 3 separete courses instead. Why? Well, at the time it was probably my lack of Articulate experience, but also to do with grading the final assessment.

We are compliance-bound to prove that our people have passed the courses, and we  do that with scoring 90% or greater on the final assessment. It's my understanding that you can only have one graded assessment per course, and if the course had different branches for different audiences the I can't figure out how you could grade it on the one quiz. to make the quiz questions relevant for whatever option the learner had selected - more branching...??? now my head hurts.

Am happy with separate courses It suits our needs, and makes our eLearning library look impressive!