16:9 aspect ratio in Engage interactions?

I am using Presenter with PowerPoint 2010.  I've set my PowerPoint file in advance to 16:9 format.  When I insert an Engage interaction slide into this presentation the interaction window is a tiny 4:3 format.  Is there any way to define the size and shape of Engage interactions so that they will maximize the available screen real estate?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Eric and welcome to the community.

At the moment this is the case - I seem to remember though that at some point this will be available in a free upgrade, (needs to be confirmed though).

Sorry (!), and see you around the boards.

Just found this:


Profound Guy


This post is about 5 years old. Bruce - i don't know if you are still looking for a solution. Here is my solution - 

1) Create the Engage interaction and publish it for web. The published folder will contain several files. "Interaction.swf" is the main file to look for. 

2) Create an "index.html" file that scales the "interaction.swf" to 'exact fit'. I have attached the same file here. 

3) Copy the "Index.html" file to the published folder of the Engage interaction.

4) In your PowerPoint, insert the "index.html" as a web object. Adjust the sizing as required. 

5) Publish the file and check out! 

6) Note that there will be a bit of skew. However, you interaction will fit 16:9 aspect. 

Kindly check and let me know the results!