2 monitor system

I do most of my work on a PC with two screen. Recently, after some dialogue with my e-learning program distributor I built a microphone sound isolation acoustic box and invested in a new microphone. It is far easy to use this set up if I can keep things on the 2nd monitor on my setup. It is just located in such a way that I can use the microphone more effectively while click to get animations etc. However, when ever I click the record narration button on the Articulate ribbon, everything moves back to the primary screen. That means cricking my neck to be able to record the higher quality sound that I need. Is there anyway to keep this from happening?. PowerPoint stays on the secondary screen very nicely once placed there. Articulate Presenter does not. 


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Roelf Woldring

Hi Justin

thought of doing that = also of moving the monitors around etc. will probably do something like that just to make this work. Hopefully, at some point in the future, we can control the monitors the way that PP or ofther software does. Thanks for responding.

By the way, the isolating the microphone in a sound box really makes a huge difference. Just got a "clothes holder from Home depot, lined with acoustic foam, and put the mic inside it - Pop filter in front. Night and day in sound quality. Don't know if this has shown up on the Forum before.