404 Error Message

Jul 23, 2012

Our LMS team has started using Fiddler to test programs. They are generating a 404 Error message that ends with ../player/art_plugins.xml. The player folder does not contain an art_plugin.xml file so I am assuming that the file is missing. Is this a file that should be generated when publishing?

We are not being allowed to move forward with several mandated lessons until we resolve this issue. How do we proceed to resolve this issue? Is this a known issue that can quickly be fixed?

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Oliver Stankovsky

We just found how to resolve the issue at "http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=ap9&id=ygxns4jkffh7"

404 error for art_plugins.xml. The download and instructions provided on the Articulate product support page explained how to resolve the issue so that the art_plugins.xml file will be properly published.

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