A scissors instead of a bullet?

I have never seen this one before-maybe someone else has. I am working in Office 2010 with a template that was probably created, according to the Properties, around 2000. Which means, in all likelihood there is some major corruption of the PPT template.  Problem 1. All paragraphs in the Notes section begin with a bullet, which is NOT there or at least visible in PPT even in Notes View. Problem 2. Instead of a 3rd level bullet appearing on the slide, it displays a SCISSORS. Yup, a scissors!

Ideas anyone?



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James Mazur

Thanks Cristina, I'll look again at the master slide and look for gremlins. Why would anyone in their right mind want to use a scissors for a bullet? Obviously it's getting it from somewhere.  What's really strange is that it only shows up when I publish in Articulate-otherwise it looks as it should in PPT 2010.

Maybe it's a WebDing?