A slide with no animation taking 16 seconds on seekbar

I have two slides that look exactly the same, one has animation and one doesn't.  When the student first goes through the course they hit the one with animations, there are hyperlinks on this slide to other slides.  If they come back from one of those slides they linked to they will hit the second slide with no animation.  We don't want them to have to sit through the animations again, however this second slide is still taking 16 seconds on the seekbar.  What is happening?  Thanks in advance.

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Justin Wilcox

Did you duplicate the slide to do this? If you did, Presenter retains all of the timing from the original slide, hence the time being off. The best thing to do would be to select everything on that original slide, group it and copy and paste the grouped object to a new slide.Ungroup it if needed and you should be good to go.