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Hi all

I work for a large NHS hospital in the UK with nearly 8000 staff and been tasked to look at local induction delivery! Currently it’s a boring 5 page checklist ranging from policies and procedures to where you hang your hat and coat in the department.

As all staff need to complete when they start in the organisation, i am struggling to come up with an idea that would appeal to all but still be interesting/professional -and interactive!  - After all it’s more then likely to be their first elearning experience when starting!

I really like the concept of a folder, but how would staff be able to check mark with adate what they have completed?.... perhaps a print out at the end for personal files..help!

 Anything would be better then the currant 5 page document... attached!

Thanks Hannah

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Hannah! Very cool that you get to do this project - it's a neat opportunity to welcome people and give them a great first experience with online learning. Your situation reminds me a lot of this story about how Experian transitioned to an online orientation. Perhaps you could glean some ideas from what Bill Corwin did. (He also did a follow-up survey regarding the program, and he talks about that in this screencast.)

I like how he makes his course do double-duty ... it's not only a training tool but also a reference tool. And it's neat how he leveraged a lot of existing material, rather than create everything from scratch.

Bill Corwin

Hi Hannah. It looks like this checklist is aimed at managers (as something they need to complete).  Do you have something you do for the new employee?  Is this checklist the only item that exists or is there an instructor-led presentation/class that goes along with this?

Our process is addressed differently for managers and the new employee.  The new employee completes our online course to receive all the basic HR-type information.  Our managers receive a checklist of things that must be completed at various stages of the onboarding process (first day, first week, within 90 days, etc).  The managers are not required to go through any sort of e-learning course or training.

However, I recently created a “Managers Toolkit” to help our managers understand (and complete) various processes within our Employee Lifecycle (Recruiting, Onboarding, ... Exiting).  I used links within PowerPoint pages to help the managers navigate to the appropriate topic, then published using Articulate– it came out pretty slick (I’ve attached some screen caps).  This might be an idea you could borrow from.

For your project/course, is seems as if returning this signed checklist is a required component, therefore you should probably include it as something to download – maybe at the very beginning.  Then, use the course to go into more detail and explanation.

Hope this helps!  Good Luck!


Hannah Linsdell

Hi Bill

Thanks for your feedback it was really appreciated! I love the Manager's Toolkit - we could definitely utilise this!  The checklist is aimed at all staff when they come in and not just managers  - its kind of a tick box exercise to make sure any new employee has been inducted properly!  Do you know if its possible in articulate to have check boxes throughout a package perhaps in powerpoint and then have the results printed out on a certificate a the end?  I am thinking perhaps I could utilise Quizmaker more ??

Thanks again Bill for all you shared experince and knowledge!