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Greetings –
I see the three behavior levels that are listed in the drop-down of the player template under navigation. I'm guessing that since the behavior I want isn't listed, it's not an option. But, I thought I'd check, or see if someone knew a crafty workaround. (My particular application this time is not a course, but what I might call a reference tool. So it's important that people can jump exactly to what they need right at the beginning. I realize that I can instruct them to expand all the levels before they do anything else, but that's annoying   )

What I would like to have happen is to have the entire outline in its expanded form right when the presentation opens. Any chance that there is a way to do this? I don't want to put everything as a level I topic either. I have three main portions of the presentation, and each one has subtopics.

Many thanks,

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Janet,  there's not currently a way to start a presentation with all the levels automatically expanded; that would make a great feature request! Really the only way to do what you have in mind would be to go to your Slide Properties and manually insert space at the beginning of selected slide titles... but that's obviously a fair bit of work, and it might also cause things to look funny if you have long slide titles that wrap.

Janet Bernhards

Thanks, Jeanette.  At this point, the presentation only has 20 slides in it since it's a prototype. I think I may give the space a try just to see what happens. However, it will probably grow to close to 200, and I'm not sure what some of the titles will look like… Long/short etc.

I'll make a feature request.

Janet B.