"Acceptable" percentage of users having problems / getting stuck

Inevitably there will be a handful of  learners who get stuck in and are unable to finish a module.  Finding out why may be straightforward or it might be an exercise in looking for a needle in a haystack.  At what point do you stop putting resources into figuring out what the problem is?  What is an acceptable percentage of users getting stuck or having problems with the module?  (Of course the ideal is 0%, but we are at the point of diminishing returns and need to decide when to let go.). I know that the acceptable percentage will vary but it would be great to get a range of what folks experience and tolerate.  TIA!

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Susan Stewart

Well, it's good to know that in my scouring elearning heroes, I didn't miss someone's post about this issue!  

So, Leslie, what do you hear is a common rate of end users who are unable to complete a module due to technical difficulties.  I read somewhere that one organization had 20% and were able to reduce that, but what about others?  It would be helpful to come to the conversation with some data and/or some standards to which I can point.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susan!

I'm not sure that I'm a good reference for this question as that is a tad outside my specialty. You may find benefit in posting in our Building Better Courses forum as there is typically more design conversation vs troubleshooting in the product forums.

I'll share your link with our Community team as well to see if they have insight/advice to share.