Access to earlier application versions

This applies to all applications 

What would make us happy is access online to earlier versions of the application - we accept as life that bugs exist and to manage this minor corrections to content in live eLearning would be better managed by us if we could republish in the version of the application used originally.  It would reduce the UAT and also allow us to have a single version used per course so we can better manage issues.

We accept this has limitations but with the move from studio 13 to 360 the only way to do this is to have multiple pcs with each one having a different version installed on it in case we run into an issue with a course

Currently there is no way we can roll back to an earlier release version and this is a massive risk to us and I suspect many clients - at the very least we need at least the last stable release to be available whilst we UAT your new release for a period.  The current method is Big Bang theory........




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeffrey, 

Our team is in production on just that type of feature - a way to allow you to roll back to an earlier version from within the Articulate 360 desktop app. We'll let folks know as soon as it's ready!

If you do need access to a previous version before we ship that feature, please let our Support team know. They are happy to share a download link and get you back up and running! 

Jeffrey Martin

This will be great when it is available - we are all involved in software development even if those that use Articulate do not have such processes in place.

Bugs are always a risk and having the ability to manage when we go to the next version or to be able to use a previous version as used to publish earlier content will be a major risk reduction feature which will allow us to maintain earlier published content

Looking forward to seeing this