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Feb 03, 2014

I LOVE Articulate Suite 13, so this is posted as a "help please?" or "am I missing something?" question.  I really pushed to get Suite 13 within our organization because of the exceptional capabilities of Engage and in a current course, I'm using 5 different interactions.  However, when I then have to go back into the interactions to make modifications, then to add digitized voicing for initial course review, and now adding professional narration, it requires 7.5+ minutes each time to just OPEN Engage.  I checked system requirements, and my PC far exceeds them:

CPU requires 1.0 GHz or higher; I have 2.5 GHz

Memory requires 512 MB min; I have 4 GB

Available disk space requires 512 MB min; I have in excess of 400 Gig

Suggestions please?  If you do the math, it indicates that in addition to the actual development time for an interaction, I've spent 22.5 minutes per interaction in just "waiting time."  For this course, that already equates to 112.5 minutes, or darned near 2 hours.  I'm sorry but this is an excessive waste of time.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sue!

Are you having this issue with just one file, or multiple files? Can you re-create the issue with a new file?

Be sure that when creating, editing, and publishing Articulate Presenter '13 courses, you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes, and loss of resources. See this article for more information.

Sue Cordell

Okay, while this shows as posted an hour ago, I actually received it at 11:38.  Since then (2  hours ago), I moved everything to my hard drive to adhere to your suggestions.  To verify times and ease of use, I deleted my 5 Engage modules and the Quiz and re-added them.  (Yes, in hind sight, I should have only removed 2-3 of them, but I foolishly took your word for it and deleted them all.)  Trying to "add existing", I incurred 6 minutes per Engage module for the ones that DID load.  However, I also experienced two Articulate shut-downs for "time out" errors, 1 lock-up of PPT requiring it to be rebooted, 1 total PT reboot required based to a total freeze-up when trying to add an Engage module, and then total ignoring of me even clicking on the Engage icon.  After working around the system in various manners, I finally was able to get all 5 Engage modules added back into the PPT.  Then I tested the time it now takes to open one from within PPT to make a change.  Now, instead of 7.5 minutes, it only takes SIX minutes.  Fortunately, opening, adding existing, and modifying QuizMaker quizzes work fine.  So I've spent 2 hours to be right back where I was before ... taking FAR too long to add Engage modules.  If there is not a solution for this, I will stop adding them.  We simply don't have the time it takes to "wait" for access each time.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sue!

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty, but I'm not seeing other reports of this behavior.

It sounds like something is going on with your software.

My suggestion would be to follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix unexpected or erratic behavior in Articulate Studio '13.

You are more than welcome to work with our support team if that would work better for you.

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