Accessing file - need help!!!!

I purchased training from a company. They said it was in storyline 2.  It is not.  I think it is in presenter using Engage interactions but I don't know how to access anything.  I downloaded the free trial of Articulate studio 13 with Engage.  I can open the pptx file but when I click on the button that says, "edit in Engage" it says that the file cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of articulate presenter.

What am I doing wrong?  Can anyone help me?  I went back to the company I purchased it from and they were worthless!!!!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shanna.  We'll see if we can lend a hand!  😀

Did you purchase this training as a student/learner, or did you purchase it to be able to edit it like an instructional designer?  I'm thinking the latter, but I wanted to be sure.

When they shared that course with you, they should have given you a .zip file which would contain 2 things:  the PowerPoint file and the .ppta, which is the Articulate contents.  Did you get both of those file types?