Accurately Saving Changes to Quizmaker and Engage Interactions - Outside of PowerPoint

Dec 16, 2015

I have been plagued by the much discussed and infuriating problem of changes made to Engage Interactions and Quizmaker modules within PowerPoint not being saved to the individual Quizmaker/Engage files that were stored in the same folder. Eventually, after a lot of experimentation, and trial and error, I found a work-around. This may be useful to others: 

(1) Open your Engage Interaction of Quizmaker file in the PowerPoint master by clicking the 'Edit in Quizmaker' or 'Edit in Engage' button. This opens up the correct one that you have amended - but are unable to save externally.

(2) Click the file button at the top left of the screen - this is a circle with 'a' in it that turns orange when you mouse over it. The file menu gives a few options, one of which is to send the file by e-mail. Click this function.

(3) An email will open up with the Articulate Quizmaker or engage file automatically added to the e-mail in preparation to send. Right click on this file from within the e-mail and you can save it.

(4) Save the selected file to where you want it go (in my case in the same folder that houses the PP master file for the CBT). If you don't change the name it will tell that it already exists and ask if you want to over-write the original.

This is what I did - it over-writes the old file with the correctly updated one. The date and time changes straight away and you can see you have achieved your aim. Now you can save and/or send the correct supporting Engage/Quizmaker files. Of course, if you do wish to rename it rather than over-write at this point, you can do so.

This may appear a little long-winded but it doesn't take long in practice and works just fine for me. It has allowed me to ensure the externally saved Engage/Quizmaker files are identical to the ones embedded in the PowerPoint master file.


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