Activation - Too many times

I keep getting this same problem, please someone help! I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro computer with the latest windows running, Great! BUT every time windows updates Articulate ask me to activate my software, now today I get an error message that I have exceeded my activation number so now I cannot use Articulate. This is a continual problem for me and keeps coming back.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

If you're updating Windows or the Articulate software you should see the prompt to activate as it's treated as a new installation. Since it's on the same machine, it should pre-populate with your serial number and not count against your total allowed activations (2 for each license). 

If you're seeing the message about needing additional activations, can you connect with our Support team here? They'll be able to take a look at how many machines it has been activated on and adjust the number of allowed activations if needed. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Chantha.  You may find that user interface elements in Storyline 2 are small and difficult to read on high resolution monitors—generally, monitors that are more than 2,000 pixels in width. You may need to reduce your screen resolution while working in Storyline.   You can also check to be sure that your scaling is set to 100%.

Let me know how you make out!